When people say nutrition, I feel like I’m back at school.

So to not make this like school, let me just swear a little.



Feeling better.

If you have decided you want to change your body, you need to realize how nutrition plays a role in that.

If you want to get fatter, start stopping by McDonalds and supersizing everything and grabbing a liter o cola to wash it down.

However, if you want to pack on some muscle or lose body fat and get the ripped, cut up defined abs, then you need to know how nutrition can help you achieve your goals a lot faster.


I have seen guys who have a pot belly hitting the same gym for years.

Every time I ask them what their goal is it goes something like

“Hah, yea mate, just keeping fit and trying to get rid of the ol’ keg haha (while patting their pot belly)”.


These guys work hard in the gym – no doubt about that.

The only thing that is stopping them from getting rid of the “ol’ keg” is their eating habits.

From the very start of our lives as babies, we form habits, good and bad.

Most of our eating habits are shocking when it comes to losing body fat and getting those elusive six pack abs, things like dessert, alcohol, sodas, fast food and the extremely cheap cost of sugary shit like biscuits, fudges, cakes, baked good crap etc.

It is probably no surprise to a genius like you that these things are not too good for you, but you probably don’t realize just-how-bad these things are if you are wanting to burn off that layer of body fat.

Some little seemingly harmless snacks such as these can total over 1000 calories!

This might or might not seem bad depending on what you know about calories, but 1000 calories is about 1/3 of what most peoples daily calories equaly!

If you grab a combo at McDs and you upsize it and maybe add an apple pie, that can be over half of your daily calories right there – and you will probably eat more later and end up with a whole lot of calories that are not being used to fuel you, so you end up storing them as fat.

Nutrition is such a vital part of exercise that bodybuilders who are aiming to slim down for a competition will weight all of their foods down to the nearest gram – they will measure and time every single thing that goes past their lips!

I know the focus here isn’t body building, but if they do it, then nutrition must be pretty important!

I want to give you this information for free.

Right now.

So that you can start using these “secrets” to start transforming yourself into the body that you really want to have.

People charge for this type of information, but frankly, I like my sleep and I couldn’t sleep at night if I was charging you for this information, even though it is a goldmine.

There is a heap of information all over this site on nutrition, but the best place to start is by downloading your free guide.

If you don’t want to do that, then there is plenty of information all over this website, but seeing as I have compiled everything here in step-by-step order, I definitely recommend you grab yourself a free copy right now, before doing anything else.

Of course I didn’t invent this stuff, well maybe I perfected a couple of techniques :) but I have organized it into a step by step, easy to follow guide with directions on…


  • How to do everything,
  • Why you are doing it,
  • When to do it,
  • Exactly what to do,
  • And…
  • What NOT to do!

Free Tips on Losing Body Fat & Getting Washboard Abs

  • Discover the best exercises for burning that stubborn belly fat
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