Muscle Building

Building muscle is one of the best things you can do for your health, to prevent injuries, increase your confidence & self esteem and make you stronger.


And to increase your sexiness by 1000% or more – if you are a guy OR gal.

It is also great for pushing your way through in supermarket lines, intimidating your older siblings, making everything really light and other fun side effects.


A lot of people don’t want to be a humungous muscle head who looks like a gang member that would shake you upside down for your net worth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build some lean muscle.

When I say “lean” muscle, there is not really any difference between “lean” muscle and any other type of muscle.

It simply means that you aren’t trying to get 25″ biceps and you are staying lean enough to have the flat, washboard abs and look great with your clothes on (but you look better with them off!).

When talking about building lean muscle, it would be hard not to describe a few celebrities that have done this to build themselves into the damn fine specimens they are.

Brad Pitt and Cam Gigandet are examples of great lean muscle – they still have ripped, flat abs, but they have put on a bit of muscle so they aren’t extremely skinny and fragile looking (no guy wants to look “fragile“!).

Taylor Lautner is another great example – I mean, all of the girls foam at the mouth over him, and it obviously isn’t for his nice personality – it is his body!

Vin Diesel and Arnold Schwarzenegger are a couple of guys who I would deem massive muscle heads.


Women have voted numerous times on many different occasions that the abs are the hottest part of a guy, but biceps, chest and back also rate highly too.

It is hard to have a sexy, lean body without building some muscle – so that is why this section is here, to help you get that lean muscle.

I remember the craze when that movie Twilight came out and every girl was in love with one of the guys, then the next one came out and they all were drooling over Taylor with his freakish transformation into a well muscled guy, but still with the signature washboard six pack.



Girls don’t often think about building muscle – with the odd freak exception that you sometimes think of when somebody mentions “female bodybuilder”.

Now, most girls would NEVER want to have big vein filled biceps and huge muscle mass so they can powerbomb their boyfriend, but for a girl to achieve even the slightest increase in muscle size is insanely difficult.

It can take years and years of lifting the heaviest weights possible and eating like a horse that got loose in the crops to even put on any noticeable muscle.

However, for girls, when you burn off LOTS of body fat, you can look anorexic and like a little twig – which isn’t what any guys find a turn on.

What guys DO find a turn on is girls with a sexy butt, a flat stomach and a “toned” body.

To burst a few bubbles here – there is no such thing as “toning“.


Your can only lose body fat – or put on muscle, there is no such thing as toning.

How you get that “toned” look, is by losing the body fat which is ugly and flabby, and replacing it with a little lean muscle.

Think Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox.

Miranda Kerr and Marisa Miller are another fantastic example of gals who have that toned and washboard abs look – they didn’t get this from sitting on an exercise bike all day.

They get this look from a combination of cardio workouts, weight lifting workouts and a lot different nutrition secrets.




Now that I have got your attention and shown you that building lean muscle mass is one of the key steps toward getting a lean, sexy, hollywood style body…

Let me show you exactly how to build that muscle, burn that body fat and get a body that will transform you from hiding in your bedroom all day long to yearning for a hot enough day you can walk around in just your swimming gear, whether you are at the beach or not!

At the top of the screen you will see different headings for different areas of fitness, in all of these links I have some great free information. Go ahead and check them out.

On your right, there are more articles and freebies that you can take and use to help get in shape, lose weight and start showing off the true you.

But to be honest, the best way for me to help you is to give you an ebook.

This is because you can read it all in one place, learn it, and keep coming back to it.

Hell, you can print it out and staple the thing together and read it on the loo.

And NO, I am not charging you anything.

It is as free as the air you are breathing (which one day probably will cost).

Just enter your email and name so I can shoot it out to you.

Free Tips on Losing Body Fat & Getting Washboard Abs

  • Discover the best exercises for burning that stubborn belly fat
  • Find out why what you are eating is making you fatter
  • Learn the fastest path to getting six pack abs

Too easy.

When I first wanted to get into great shape, I brought a whole lot of crap that I thought I needed, but what I should have done is just find somebody who could help me.

All I should have done is look for someone who has the results I wanted – and asked them!

That is why I am giving you my ebook for free.

I know what it feels like to get ripped off and it sucks big time.

So this is my gift to you, just for visiting, although I hope you will come back, if you don’t, it was nice to have you here.

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