Mindset & Success

Do you know what outcome or result you want?

How come you don’t have it yet?

Is it lack of information, or lack of motivation?

Money is not needed, neither is much time, so it must be one of the above…

We are in an age where every man and his dog is selling mindset and success books, tapes, seminars, dvds, courses and everything else under the sun.

These are all designed to:

  • Help motivate us and to get done what we want, but put off
  • Get us through hard times
  • Give us ways to release stress
  • Become a nicer person to be around
  • Maximize your life and be satisfied
  • & a whole lot more that comes from being disciplined and knowing oneself

Just like with physical genetics, some people are naturally driven and will tackle anything they put their hands on.

For this individual, they may have been instilled with these character traits at a young age or they may have learnt them through certain material, but never told anyone.

Others often have a tough time getting started with anything. This can be the result of having parents who were procrastinators or lazy, having lazy friends, being addicted to television, smoking too much weed and other habits that make it hard for you to succeed.


When it comes to getting in shape, losing body fat and building a beach body worthy of a few rolls of film, your mind is the most powerful ally or enemy you have.

When the crunch comes, it isn’t like a big business meeting that will go one way or another, it isn’t like making a kick from the halfway line in penalty time, motivation (and the disappearance of) happens at least 100 times every single day.

Your mind creates all sorts of excuses if you let it – these can be anything, your mind truly is a powerful machine and it will do anything that you order it to.

If you are looking for an excuse, you will come up with plenty of them. It might be an excuse to eat something you know is bad for you, or perhaps an excuse to miss a workout.

Here are a few common excuses that our brains come up with:

  • I worked so hard today that I deserve a day off the gym
  • My back is playing up a little, better not go running tonight
  • There is a possibility I will catch a chill if I go running this morning, better leave it.
  • My workout clothes are in the wash… Eh, I will go workout tomorrow.
  • I just CAN’T miss the news tonight – there has been a disaster I MUST watch
  • Just one cookie can’t make me fat
  • Today is nearly my cheat day, I mean, it’s only 4 hours away so I’ll have that chocolate now
  • Hmmm, better buy some treats for the kids…
  • “Yea, sure I will have some, not every day I get to pig out and I have been eating well!”


Sure, there are genuine scenarios where you have to miss a workout.

If your city has just had a major natural disaster and there is no power, water or toilets – getting six pack abs should not be your MAIN priority at the moment.

Your lower back pain can’t be ignored if it gets worse during a workout.

The thing is, we KNOW what are genuine examples of missing a workout, and we also can tell when our brain is bluffing because it CBF today.



It takes a little time, but starting today, you will listen to your brain every time you make a excuse.

When you reach for that chocolate biscuit, your body may not appear to change in any way, but your mind will.

Your arm extends, you decide which cookie to pick, your hand closes the grip around it.

Now you start retracting your limb toward your mouth – but wait a second, you are literally in the middle of a mental battle.

One side of you is saying “Go on and eat it, far out it looks like it will taste so YUM!

Besides, it is only a biscuit, there are far worse things for you than biscuits right?”

Your brain will agree and you think, “Yeah, I will have it. I could be eating a deep fried pizza, so in reality I am not doing myself any harm”.


The other side of your brain is the weaker side, because you have not trained it yet.

Don’t believe me?

Your brain is a product of your habits, and if you haven’t trained it to say no to the wrong and yes to the right, it will be hard.

Your arm extends again.

But this time you start thinking “HEY! YOU FAT PIG! This isn’t what we agreed on.I have worked so DAMN HARD this week to burn off that fat and you want to eat a biscuit that is made from crap, will give you a stomach ache and tastes like an old sole of a shoe”.

Your arm keeps extending, almost in slow motion.

The mental war continues to wage;

“I am an adult, I am not some stupid child who gets kicks off biscuits and chocolates and thinks “OOOOHHH YUMMY FOOD IS SO YUMMY I MUST HAVE SOME”.

You start realizing that this happens not just in your eating, but in everything in your entire life.

You start to consider the fact that maybe one side of your brain is trying to tell you something. Maybe it is trying to help you toward your goals, and that is the one you decide to listen to from now on.

You slowly start to think about other things your good side of the brain can do, things such as saving a little bit of money every pay and never touching it, studying later instead of partying and boozing, saying no to smoking, waiting a little longer between cars at intersections, hanging out with people who you actually admire and enjoy, rather than just the old crew who are often cynical, rude and not supportive of you, saying no to drugs, keeping quiet and laughing inside instead of arguing and retaliating when things don’t go your way, because you are mature and not some big cry baby who does things purely on emotion.


You realize if you don’t change now – you will continue to be a

BIG, FAT CRY BABY for your whole life.


The arm that seemingly has a life of it’s own picks up the biscuit.

It retracts through the amazingly engineered combination of tendons, muscles, joints and energy that makes up your elbow and shoulder.

Then it proceeds to throw it in the bin.

You feel an amazing flow of energy, excitement and power through your entire body.

Every single hair on your body is on end and you say in a stupid voice like Thorny in SuperTroopers proclaiming “I am all that is man”.



Mindset is so important.

Sorry to dramatize it so much, but it is so true.

If you just start off something half assed and without the right mindset – you will fail.


I don’t care who you are either, you have to have the right mindset.

Nobody gets anything unless they really want it then put into action a good plan to get it – but that doesn’t mean you have to read Anthony Robbins books all day long just to get in shape.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of badasses who would NEVER have read motivational material, but still had the right mindset.

Pantera – Arguably one of the worlds best heavy metal bands. The closest thing to motivation material Phil and Dimebag would have gotten is H. These guys wanted to be the best and they achieved it.

Tony Soprano – Okay, he is fictional, but he is loaded, a freakin bad ass and in my opinion the best ever tv character. Tony wants to be the boss, he loves power and money and he makes the “right” moves to get what he wants. His mindset is focused on the top and he doesn’t rest until he gets there.

It doesn’t matter if you read motivational books or if you just want to be sexy and fit so that girls or guys check you out and want to get close with you, mindset is the biggest part of getting in good shape and staying that way.

Know what you want and why you want it, and if the reason WHY is strong enough you will get it.

Many fighters were bullied in school, many musicians were ignored during their younger years, many people with ripped six pack abs and lean, sexy, sculpted bodies used to be fat or twiggy and skinny. See the pattern?

Everything happens for a reason so you better have a big reason if you want to get anywhere.

Mas Oyama, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, Ned Kelly, Zeus, Spartans, Darth Vader, Robin Hood and countless other real and ficticious people are real life examples of people who would never have read self help material, but they all knew exactly wanted and they took steps to achieve it.

Whether it be a good thing they are doing or a bad thing is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is that if you know what you want, know why you want it and if you want it bad enough you will become unstoppable.

You will fight the other side of your brain and end up beating it completely.

Knowing “Why” you want the results is the best way to stay motivated.

Dimebag wanted to be the best metal guitarist and to make the best music – he didn’t need any self help books, he just played guitar all day every day.

Big Tony S didn’t read often except for phone books & although he went to therapy – he never seems to get much from it. His simple mind just wants money and power and that is enough to drive him to traffic the drugs, form money making schemes and commit countless inhumane crimes.

This is not your traditional lesson on mindset and success because to be honest, most of the people teaching you how to succeed suck ass and they all got rich by teaching other people how to succeed, not by actually doing anything noteworthy themselves.

Now that you know you want to succeed, you want to get into the best shape of your life, be sexy as hell, be fit, turn heads, elicit compliments and have you feeling better than EVER before in your life, let’s get you started.

Enough talking, time to DO.

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