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Let me introduce to you my free report.

I wish there was a word as good as free, but not so….

Cheesy, overused, thrashed, alarm ringing..

But, nevertheless, I will just say free.

There really is no catch, I am just giving it away.

Start learning immediately the secrets of bodybuilders, fashion models, actors and fighters who all have ripped six pack abs, chiseled lean bodies
and a lean, sculpted, sexy body. Get started immediately, take action,
and don’t pay a single red cent for it.

Sign up below and I will rush you out your FREE report, right now.

Free Tips on Losing Body Fat & Getting Washboard Abs

  • Discover the best exercises for burning that stubborn belly fat
  • Find out why what you are eating is making you fatter
  • Learn the fastest path to getting six pack abs


If you want to know why I am giving it away for free, and what is in it,
I have detailed all of that below.

If however you are wanting to get stuck in and start seeing some incredible changes in your physique, then grab it now, just to your right —->





I have decided to give this report away for nothing for a few reasons.

1. I wish I had read a no B.S guide like this when I first started trying to get healthier, more energy, lose body fat and put on muscle.


2. It is my belief that the more people I can help, the better. I don’t really care if you never buy anything from me (if I ever decide to sell a book or program). I enjoy knowing that out of all the billions of people on this planet, I could help YOU to achieve your goals.

Sure I have people who can’t stand me, but most of the time I get emails and calls from people saying “Thank you so much for inspiring me, motivating me, helping me set my goals, showing me new workouts etc etc”

I really enjoy that and it helps keep me motivated and loving life too!


3. Writing is something that relaxes me, stimulates my mind and creates a feeling of enjoyment for me. I also love classic cars, boxing, music (metal, rock, dnb, classical, even a bit of poppy stuff), working out and many other extremely unrelated hobbies, but I enjoy writing & helping out more than everything because somebody once did this for me and I am forever grateful.


4. When you send me an email saying you have lost “xx” pounds and you tell me how you went shopping for a new dress or some new shorts and you look 10x sexier – I feel I have done my part for the world *holds back a tear*

This free report is in a .pdf file which opens in Adobe Acrobat (comes installed on mostly every single computer ever sold).

It is a short report, and some people enjoy that, others feel ripped off.

I will tell you why it is a short report, right now.

You do not need that much information to get started losing weight, building muscle and to get healthy.

80% of what you need to know to get in the best shape of your life is in here, the other 20% will take a couple of hundred pages to explain.

Let me quickly give you an example of why this information is the 80% that you will need to start getting in great shape.

(Long analogy)

Have you got any hobbies?

I enjoy playing guitar, so let me use this hobby of mine to illustrate for you what I am talking about.

When one first picks up a guitar, you must learn the “cowboy chords”.

These are A, C, D, E, G, Am, Dm, Em – the absolute bread and butter of guitar.

After you have these down, which can be in as little time as a month or two if you are dedicated, you learn how to play a few tunes that use finger picking, and then you learn how to use a pick.

You can get to this stage in about 3-6 months if you put in the practice every day.

At this stage people will say upon hearing you play “Wow, he is really good!”.

This is about the stage that many guitarists reach, then they stop practicing and just play this stuff for the rest of their life.

When you attempt to learn a song by CCR, Johnny Cash, Pearl Jam, Live, R.E.M, or even pop hits of today like Pink, Rihanna (YES you can play Rihanna on the guitar), you will be able to learn it within half an hour if you are competent at changing chords.

All of this within just a few months of picking up your first guitar?

Sure, IF you put in the hours.

This type of guitar music is nice to listen to and can create great sing alongs (think Uncle Cracker – Follow Me, Neil Young – Heart of Gold, Kansas – Dust in the Wind).


Many guitarists often wish to surpass this level of beginner, and get into the “real” music.

This is where you will find the hardcore guitarists who think nothing of sitting in their bedroom practicing for 8 hours on end, and more, every single day.

If you don’t believe me, simply look up on youTube to see how many people practice up to 16 HOURS every-single-day.

This is the level where technical guitarists such as Dimebag Darrel, Zak Wylde, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai, Matt Heafy, Kirk Hammett, Dave Mustaine and Karl Sanders perform.

These guys dedicated their lives to learning how to play lightening fast solos, sweep pick arpeggios at Mach 10 speeds and play riffs so fast and brutal they will rupture internal organs.

Whether you enjoy heavy metal or not is irrelevant, although it may sound like mere noise, and very untalented, most heavy metal musicians have put tens of thousands of hours into perfecting their skills and techniques, and it is the closest genre to classical composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven today.

If you picked up a guitar today and practiced every day for a few hours, unless you dedicated your life to it, you would probably never be able to flawlessly play an entire song by Nile, Slayer or many other bands that have focused for years on building their skill levels to a level so high that even a “good” guitarist could never replicate.



This is the reason I have produced a short report for you on how to lose body fat, build muscle and get in great shape.

Unless you want to dedicate your entire life to bodybuilding and compete in a world wide competitions, you will never need to know the intricate details of weighing your foods, supersets and drop sets, amino acids and other things that bodybuilders are often heard talking about.

If after mastering these basics and you still want more, then I will give you all you want, but it just depends on what your goals are..

Do you want to be featured in the next Frankenstein movie with your humungous, freakishly large muscles?

Or would you rather be able to peel off your shirt at the next beach party and look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club with his ripped eight pack and lean, fighter style body?


There is more than enough information here to get you to to extremely ripped body fat levels, but only if you put the work in.


Free Tips on Losing Body Fat & Getting Washboard Abs

  • Discover the best exercises for burning that stubborn belly fat
  • Find out why what you are eating is making you fatter
  • Learn the fastest path to getting six pack abs

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