Getting lots of emails makes me feel like I have friends, and it also brings me to creating a:

Frequently Asked Questions  About Fat Loss & Muscle Building & Everything Fitness page.

If you have a question, great!

Here is a list of things I get asked sometimes so it might be here.

The first one is the most common:


Q. Hi Jonhy (spell my name right next time) how do I get abs quickly?

Okay, I have an entire site stuffed with information, you should have received your free report – that is pretty much everything you need right there to get started.

If you are going to contact me wanting some secret formula, sorry champ but the only secret formula is getting off your lazy behind and doing some damn work.



Q. I am under 16, does everything apply to me here? I mean, the workouts, the nutrition help you provide etc?

A. Yes. If you are human, it applies to you.


Q. I am over 50 (60, 70 etc), does all you recommend apply to me? I am talking about the workouts, nutrition etc?

A. Kind of. I mostly talk about workouts that I do and that someone can do who is still able to jump up and down, but it is really up to you to decide how much you can do.

If you feel fit enough to do 50 burpees, great. If not, start small by walking, then fast walking, then light jogging, then jogging, then running.

Same with press ups, pull ups, and weight workouts.

I always recommend if you have never worked out before to start with an empty bar, whether you are doing squats, bench press, deadlifts, clean and press, or just sculpting the guns.

Don’t worry about looking like an idiot either, a lot of people at the gym will warm up by pushing out about 20-30 reps of the exercise they are about to perform with an empty bar just to get ready and visualize the move.


Q. What do you think about “xxxxxx product”? Does it work? Is it a scam?

A. Did they tell you that you are inheriting $6.5m from a Hong Kong businessman? If so, it is probably a scam.

If it is a fat loss or muscle building product – I have no idea.

If I was to try all the programs, courses, guides, books in the world I would never get anything done.

I have however read and put into practice most of the popular ones online (and a few real books – oooo, scary, reading!) and have reviewed them extensively, including areas of the product that I didn’t agree with or like.

I have also reviewed a few of the more popular exercise machines and workout equipment that I know will provide real value to you and will help you achieve your goal faster.


There are so many gizmo toys, contraptions and pieces of trash that are labelled “weight loss machines” or “fat burners”, and I can tell often just by looking at it what sort of results you can expected. These results range from “Okay I just got fatter”, to “Holy crap this is the best thing since the 1987 All Blacks World Cup victory!”.

Q. Are you a real person?

A. No I am an annoying A.I robot who makes up pictures of himself by combining all of the world’s most beautiful physical traits and charming personalities into his writing through supernatural alien forces.

Q. Can I email you Johnny?

A. Sure.


Q. Can you tell me your life story?

A. One day.


Q. Why should I listen to you?

A. You don’t have to. There are almost 7 billion other people out there who have a story to tell.

The difference between me and all the “guru” fitness people (cough) is that I am 100% transparent. I post pictures of who I am, I don’t try to sell you crap you don’t need, I don’t lie about there being some mythical secret or new fat releasing chemical pills.

I just tell it like it is and give you stories, articles and tips from my knowledge and my experience and the experiences of others.

Your average fitness “guru” is some multi-millionaire is somebody who paid to have a website designed for him and sticks up photos of people he pays money to.

He hires writers that try and sell you things that won’t work so you keep buying them in the hope that one day soon they will work.

There are a few of these guys out there and they are trying to con you out of every buck you will let them.

That is why you should listen to me, a real human and not some drone who tries tricks to get visitors to his website to sell you Russian mail order brides, viagra or amateur porn.

Just the best, unbiased information on weight loss products, tips, techniques, tricks and tips to help you on your way.


Q. Do you have a job?

A. Yes.


Q. What else do you do apart from write articles and help lowly, helpless citizens like me?

A. Many things.

  • I like to read & write, but that should be obvious with the hundreds of thousands of words I have written just on this one site.
  • I play electric guitar and if you are lucky I might just upload some videos one day, although I don’t play no love songs. Well maybe This Love.
  • Classic cars are also a passion of mine and I own one which keeps me busy, although it is nothing too special yet…
  • I have a day job that I work about 7 hours a day at the moment
  • I am dedicating an hour a day to re-learning through Khan Academy. If you want to learn (or re-learn like me) math or science, check them out. Even old William Gates endorses them.
  • I am just getting back into kickboxing training as well as boxing.
  • I lift weights around 4 times a week and go running most mornings.
  • Weekends I love going out, but I don’t drink.
  • I love talking with new people and old friends about the world, economies, markets, trends, history, predictions, reasons why things happen, religion etc
  • Squeezing as much as absolutely possible into every 24 hour block I receive is also something I enjoy. I hear Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA founder) organizes his life into 10 minute blocks – mine are half hour so sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be a multi-billionaire.


Q. How old are you?

A. How old are YOU?


Q. Don’t be a dick Johnny.

A. I am 23 years old.


Q. You still haven’t answered my question yet, can you?

A. Okay. Just type it in the wee box on the contact page and it sends it to me, then I will write an answer and send it back to you.


Q. Do you have a sense of humor? Or are you just mean sometimes?

A. I have been told I have a dry sense of humor, which is often detectable in my writing. Don’t take it personally, either laugh at me or with me I don’t really care :)


Q. How do I stop getting emails from you Johnny? You are so annoying and they just drive me insane because you try to get me to eat healthy and workout and look good but I am just so lazy that I CBF!

A. Hit the unsubscribe button you budding young future leader of men.


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