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Along with porn, viagra, credit cards and penis enlargement pills, CARDIO  has to be one of the hottest words on the internet this decade.

The age old “go running twice per week for maximum health” has long overstayed it’s welcome. With science making new discoveries, plus athletes at the forefront of sports such as weight lifting, sprinting, marathon running, triathlons, bodybuilding and other intense sports, it is no wonder we are making alarming progress in knowing how to get fit, stay fit, lose body fat and increase muscle size and strength.

However, often these methods are far over-complicated and are written by white coats who don’t know what it feels like to lift anything heavier than a petri dish.


I like the mantra of Bruce Lee:

“Take what works for you, and throw away everything else”.

That’s how I roll.


I am not going to run for 15 seconds at 75% of my maximum heart rate and then have a 10 second burst at 90% of my heart rate followed by 20 seconds at 60%.

I hate all of these stupid formulas people come up with – I mean honestly, who is going to sit down and calculate all of that out?

Who in their right mind when exercising wants to calculate all of this crap?

I tend to take a different view on cardio than most, however it works, and that is all that matters. You should be able to tell if you are putting in a good effort or a great effort, and unless you are training to represent Planet Earth at the Universe Olympics for space running, then you don’t need any complex formula.

For my personal cardio, I only do what I like.

If I can’t stand something, then I am hardley going to stick at it right?

Same with you – I don’t tell you to do 25 minutes of 100 meter sprints because you will most likely tell me to get stuffed. Especially if you have never exercised before.

Listen, I sometimes go on a bit, but the real secret to cardio is that there is none.

Nobody else will tell you that.

Yes it is better to do something like jogging, swimming or cycling than it is to do ten-pin bowling, table tennis or fooseball if you want to lose weight – but that is obvious.

My cardio mainly consists of:

  • Running, but only because I am lucky enough to live near a track that goes through native bush, past a waterfall, a creek and some beautiful scenery that relaxes and refreshes me.
  • Boxing, because I enjoy releasing any of my daily stress on the bags, and I enjoy trying to outwit my opponent (although that rarely happens). I like sparring with our trainer because he forces me to hit him hard, then he belts me back just as hard. It feels like I am getting tougher and stronger each time I go there (ask my girlfriend, I’m really not).
  • Kickboxing, pretty much everything above. The one thing I like about this is that I put my body through motions that it normally never goes through. How often do you kick your cup off the top shelf while the jug is boiling in the morning?
  • Bodyweight workouts because I like my muscle to be usable (that is to say I enjoy knowing that I can do xxx number of press ups or pull ups) and the stimulation of new muscles is like a double whammy – cardio plus building muscular strength in new ways.
  • Yea sometimes I might go hit the pool or some other type of cardio, but probably once every second Haley’s Comet visit. I normally try to squeeze in a session of 100m sprints once a week instead of running that day.

However I do my cardio is my business, and you can do the exact same, or you can do the opposite, but as long as you are putting in the intensity and it gets you sweating, breathing and you feel like you put your best effort in afterwards – that is good cardio.


Some people say you MUST get a sweat up to result in any fat loss.

That ain’t true either – try getting my 87 year old Grandma to sweat by whipping her butt into some press ups and she would probably drop dead! However get her out walking each day and cutting out those so damn good pikelets she always makes as well as those chocolate self saucing puddings and she will see the weight come off.

For a fit young buck like you, you should be sweating though. You are fooling yourself that you are burning blubber by cycling on the treadmill and watching reruns of Seinfield.

We are all starting this journey at different points, and it is foolish to just copy somebody else’s plan (unless you are about the same age and fitness as them).

If you are wanting to know all the other details about cardio such as:

  • The best types of cardio for fat loss
  • The worst types
  • Is HIIT any good?
  • Long distance running – good or bad for fat loss?
  • Minimum and maximum times for optimal weight loss
  • Etc etc

Then you should scoop up your free copy of my book.

Look, some people WILL charge you for this kind of information, but I have got to the point where I am so sick of internet bull$#!Ters that I am giving it away.

The ancient days of paying for crap that you can get for free are gone, so feel
free to download your guide and get stuck in.

As for junk mail etc, when I send you messages it goes through Aweber – the biggest email processor on the planet. These guys will not let ANYONE but me have your email address, and if I spam you, then they can sue me and kick me out…

So I won’t be doing that!

If you are serious about getting into the best shape ever, stick in your name + email so I know where to send it and let’s get you started you beast!


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