absrightnow.com http://absrightnow.com/blog Fat Loss and Six Pack Tips for Real People Wed, 16 Mar 2011 22:17:46 +0000 en hourly 1 Help With Fat Loss http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/help-with-fat-loss/ http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/help-with-fat-loss/#comments Wed, 16 Mar 2011 22:17:46 +0000 johnny http://absrightnow.com/blog/?p=256 I have already shown you that I am publicly doing a 60 day fat cut – this is

When will you finally allow yourself to grab those goals instead of procrastinating?

because I know I can do it, and I know it will be beneficial for you to see me do it, for those of you that can watch me progress the 2 months – it will be so valuable to know it can be done.

If you are wanting help with any area of your health and fitness – email me. I am currently in the process of putting up a new site, free information on everything from six pack abs to cardio to muscle building.

I may release a product in the future, but for now I am giving away all of my knowledge and my Live Fat Burning Experiment for free.

Email me about coaching if you are interested as I have a little time for a couple of clients at the moment – but I only want you if you are prepared to follow my guide, as I know exactly what to do.

I have had people I was going to coach, for free, that simply never got back to me, never got around to it etc – if you are dead set on getting that beach body – contact me asap.

It is not normal that I have time for new people to whip into shape, but as of today (17 March 2011) I do.

If you are interested in seeing my results from my fat loss experiment first and want to wait 2 months, that is fine – but realize that after I show you how much I can transform my body in 60 days, coaching will be constantly sold out as I only ever work with a few people at a time.

Hope to hear from you – just think – what will happen if you don’t start working toward your goal today?

Will you still be in the exact same place next year?

The year after?

Instead of procrastinating, just do it – let me whip you into shape right now instead of just delaying your goals by years and years.

Didn’t you want to get into shape last year too, but never got around to it?

Something to think about.

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My 60 Day Fat Cutting Experiment http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/my-60-day-fat-cutting-experiment/ http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/my-60-day-fat-cutting-experiment/#comments Tue, 15 Mar 2011 21:49:01 +0000 johnny http://absrightnow.com/blog/?p=252 Starting 15 March 2011 I am doing an extreme fat cut experiment, and

Me currently, check out my journal on the link below to follow my progress

logging every single day in my fat loss journal.

This will be an interesting experiment, and you can watch my progress and how I am coping every day.

All the details including my diet, workouts, feeling, whether I have fd up or not and my routine are on the fat cutting experiment diary.

Drop past and check it out, if you think of something I haven’t thought of to add then let me know, if you feel you have something to say then drop a comment, if not just sit back and watch me progress!

I will include photos probably every 2 weeks of progress – but all those details are over there on livejournal anyway.
Stick it in your bookmarks and check in with me to see how I’m doing – and if you know something I don’t and you think I could do something better – chime in, I ain’t no guru who thinks he is the know all.
Just a regular guy trying to get ripped… For a May 15 winter day.. Hmm, maybe I will have to do this again when it is our summer.
Follow me anyway and see how I do here: Johnny’s 2 Month Fat Loss Experiment

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Brutally Honest Interview with FitJerk on How To Get Six Pack Abs http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/brutal-interview-with-fitjerk-on-how-to-get-six-pack-abs/ http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/brutal-interview-with-fitjerk-on-how-to-get-six-pack-abs/#comments Sun, 13 Mar 2011 21:36:00 +0000 johnny http://absrightnow.com/blog/?p=235 Fitjerk is one of those guys who should be known by everyone.

His style of teaching and training is one of brutal honesty.

If you are fat – he will tell you – but he will also tell you to get to work and stop complaining – and you WILL get the results you want.

Some people find this type of training offensive – and that is fine.

They will lead a life of quiet desperation, melting inside because they know they could have done anything, but didn’t.

This type of teaching works. Period.

Look at the army, navy, martial arts, and pretty much any other area where much self discipline and hard work is involved.

Imagine if your martial arts tutor said

“Okay, everyone do about 10 press ups if you can”.

You can almost hear how ludicrous it sounds without even saying it out loud.

I can guarantee that this teacher will not produce good students. In fact I will fight the biggest, scariest looking one and know I have won before the fight begins.

A real martial arts teacher will never allow talking in class or fidgeting, and when it is time for press ups he will YELL:

“25 PRESS UPS NOW – EVERYBODY DOWN, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6″

Until they are done, he will guide you, military style.

This is how FitJerk rolls.

We got a chance to catch up and he answers a few questions that seem to come up OVER & OVER AGAIN in the fat loss, six pack abs and muscle building scene below.

Read it, if you don’t like it, then leave – if you do like it, good.

You will be the one to achieve your goals.


Hey FitJerk, Johnny Palmer here from absrightnow.com, below are some questions I get asked a lot – I want HONEST answers mate – no crap.


1. How do you get the motivation to exercise enough to get six pack abs?

Because when hot bitches come and rub my stomach and demand that we do body shots, I know it makes all the pain worth it.
Johnny: Lol – we were all thinking it but you said it!
Honestly, what more motivation does a man need? Yeah it helps to have a solid core that enhances every possible sport you can think of and yes you can thrust the living hell out of your gal in the bedroom, but it’s those initial moments. When they see it, and their eyes open up and for some reason can’t help but grope you like a kid molesting an OHenry bar. I live for it.
2. I am already exercising and eating well, but still have lots of belly fat…Why?
Then either your exercise program is retarded or your nutrition program is retarded. Another explanation is that you’re just not patient enough. Everyone’s body likes to store fat in a certain order. For example, a woman could store fat at the hips, stomach, ass, and then arms and face.
If she starts to workout and drop weight, you must reverse the order… so guess where she is losing weight last? Yup, them hips. Unfortunately for you, you got the shit end of the deal when it comes to genetics. So be patient. And seek a pro to help you design a proper plan with proper nutrition.
3. How do you find time when I am so busy?

Do you forget to brush every morning? How about taking a shit, or hell… how about breathing? Do you stop breathing because you’re busy? No, so if you can find time to do those things, you can find time to workout. Yes, it really is that important and yes, you can do it anywhere.As long as you’re lifting something against gravity (even if its your own body) you’ll be doing yourself some good.

Johnny: this is very important here:

And eating LESS isn’t something you won’t have time for, eating less while taking in quality foods is a matter of discipline and willpower.

If you have the internet - you don't know what poor is. Instead of wasting money on smoking, booze, partying and toys, spend money on your health.

4. I am poor, can I still get in good shape with out buying supplements and expensive food, gym memberships etc?
The problem with this question is that the person asking it will fail regardless of whether or not they have money. Apparently supplements, expensive food and gym membership is the key to success… NOT.

Johnny: I definitely believe that supplements are not the key, from my experience as well as my own (and plenty of others) knowledge. Taking supplements to lose weight is like a novice guitarist buying a  $3000 Kirk Hammet model ESP guitar and expecting to be able to play the ending solo from “Blackened” by Metallica.

Sure, some bodybuilers take supplements – but most of them admit that 95% of their results come from working out hard and eating properly.

It’s been proven: eating properly actually works out cheaper.

No, you do not need supplements. As for the gym membership, I’d recommend one but again, an at-home solution will work just fine. Focus on pullups, pushups, dips, squats, jumping squats, leg raises, handstand pushups etc. and take no more than 30 seconds between sets. You’ll be good to go.
5. My energy levels are so low and I am always tired I can’t exercise and can’t be bothered eating right – how do I fix that?
Fix your eating habits first. Your energy levels are a direct showcase of how you eat. If you’re tired all the time, you probably eat like shit. This is just from sheer experience. I don’t know any person who I’ve coached that didn’t feel good after we made diet changes – with the exception of those that underwent carbohydrate cycling where there are days you barely eat carbs but that’s a different matter all together for a specific purpose. So fix the way you eat, get the energy needed and move. Also, moving itself wakes you up and makes you feel more energetic. So there’s a 1-2 combo for ya.
6. How do I work out after a big day at work when I am so tired and just want to watch tv or sleep?

You workout before, or squeeze your time into 30 minutes and maybe take a quick pre-workout drink with caffeine. Or a strong cup of coffee does the trick. Willpower also comes into play.

TV is a constant loss investment. You gain only worry and fear, but lose time - a double loss.


7. How long until I get ripped abs? I have a hot date next Friday and want to look my best!
This is a silly question. If you don’t already have ripped abs, you won’t get them by the time you go on your hot date.
And the question is too open ended. It could take 3 weeks for some, 3 months for others. Having ripped abs is a life long goal and achievement. This means you spend the time it takes to get abs, then you keep spending your time to keep them… so if you’re not planning on doing what it takes to KEEP your abs, what makes you think you’ll have enough willpower to do what it takes to start getting your abs?

Johnny: “I like this point FJ, but I would like to add – not everyone will keep the ripped abs all year around – especially if you want to get HUGE. I know that isn’t the focus of this blog, but some people will want to put on a lot of muscle, and it is stupid to try and stay ripped as hell when putting on a lot of muscle.
Think about it. Rocking a spectacular 6 pack is like an elite club, those to who have it, know what it took to get there and to stay there, and respect will be mutual for life. So if you want to be part of the elite, come talk to me.

“He is one of the founders of a social fitness site called Fitmarker and spends time on his popular Fitness Blog where he focuses on impeccably accurate fitness advice delivered in a straightforward, no-BS style. On top of that he’s a gymnastics coach, nationally ranked power tumbler and trains clients through E-Training.

So there you have it – FitJerk’s no bullshit advice on how to get abs, lose fat and how to get rid of any excuses – no time, no money, energy etc.

Thanks a lot FJ for answering these questions in your very best style!

If you have any questions, hit me up, if not – get to work son!



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How To Not Eat Bad Food http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/how-to-not-eat-bad-food/ http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/how-to-not-eat-bad-food/#comments Wed, 02 Mar 2011 21:35:39 +0000 johnny http://absrightnow.com/blog/?p=221 There are certain foods that just do nothing good for you.

Fast food is for IDIOTS! Just grab a sandwich man!

They might taste alright while they are in your mouth, but as soon as you swallow, you pay the price.

The sugar starts you on a high, which is soon followed by a sugar crash, you get the familiar stomach cramps, the food turns to fat and you get mad.
Familiar cycle for 95% of the population, but they don’t get mad – that is their life.


So you want to lose weight, but you LOVE eating that crap huh?



This is what you do to not eat junky food that makes you fat and ugly:

Step One:

Don’t buy junk in the first place.

This is the most obvious thing to do, but most people buy some damn biscuits, cookies, fudges or soda “just in case we have company”.


If they don’t like the fact that you are healthy and don’t eat junk food, then I think it might be time to find new friends.

If your children act up about not having fizz popping lollies with ice cream sandwiches, good.

You shouldn’t be poisoning your child with excess amounts of sugary crap anyway. Make them learn to love good food and explain if they eat bad food that they will be homeless and broke and ugly when they are older :)

Nothing like a quiet heart to heart even if you spill a few white lies to keep your children on the right path..


Step Two:

If you know you are going to go somewhere that they have fat building foods available and you look rude to say no to, such as a bbq, a party, relations, church etc, then this is what to do;

Have a killer workout before you go.

This means pumping the weights (or body weight workouts) + a good cardio session – this at least numbs the guilt if you manage to get twisted into eating some of Margret’s famous chocolate brownie after mass, plus it gets your metabolism revved up to burn the extra calories.

Sunday lunch going off!

I wouldn’t stuff yourself before you go, because sometimes those pot-luck dinners are just so good you have to have some, so enjoy it and have a cheat meal, but make sure it isn’t more than a couple of times a week. Just remember the killer workout!

Step 3:

This is the power step right here.

I have a friend who is a mechanic.

He has told me that every single time he starts his vehicle, he can feel/see/hear/know exactly what is going on inside that motor depending on the conditions i.e temperature, how hard he revs it, if it has been serviced recently etc.

He also says that every single time he changes gears, puts his foot down, brakes etc that he knows exactly how much or how little wear and tear it is putting on the car.

This is the reason that my friend now drives his car nicely and respects it, he services it as often as the manufacturers information says, he always warms it up properly and treats it well.

In return, the car treats him well by being very economical on fuel, not breaking down, not costing him much money and being an asset rather than a depreciating liability like most vehicles.

This is exactly what I have started to do… With my own body…

Every time my hand grabs something, I subconsciously think “Is this making me faster, stronger and fitter, or fatter, slower and uglier?”.

(When I say ugly all the time I am just joking around, don’t be offended)

They say that when you learn something new, unless you use it, it is useless – so use this.

Kate Moss, the smartest girl on the planet

Next time you pick up anything edible – ask yourself this:

“Is this going to make me fatter or slimmer and sexier?”.

If you are anything like me, at the start you will consciously think “Ehhh, I don’t care I just love eating caramello chocolate so much”.

But, after a while, you start taking notice of your subconscious.

This is powerful stuff… If you use it.

My favorite fitness quote, just because it is so brutal and from THE hottest girl on the planet…

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" Kate Moss


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Are “Energy Drinks” Bad For You? http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/are-energy-drinks-bad-for-you/ http://absrightnow.com/blog/2011/03/are-energy-drinks-bad-for-you/#comments Tue, 01 Mar 2011 21:54:00 +0000 johnny http://absrightnow.com/blog/?p=209 If you are driving by yourself on a dark and lonesome highway and need

Are you a monster? Or are you being monstered?

something to keep you awake, I would say that you should pull over and sleep.

The chances of you doing that are very remote indeed though, especially on a deserted road where scenes of Deliverance are playing through your head.

If you decide instead to crack open an energy drink, you will be doing yourself more harm than good.

When you do crack one, shortly after you will feel a bit paranoid (this is “energy).

Shortly after that you will crash.

Maybe not literally, but your body will crash, as in you will be more tired than before. When you take an artificial energizer such as caffeine, taurine, BZP, ecstacy, or any other “upper”, you are burrowing energy that you don’t have.

This is why your feel so weak and tired after an all day drinking session in the sun, after a night at the clubs or after drinking too much energy drink / sodas.

Apart from the crash you get from these types of drinks, they also have some other bad side effects you should know about.

Most drinks such as Mother, Monster, Red Bull etc have about twice the sugar levels as a normal can of soda.

Some of them will have artificial flavouring, which often is worse than normal sugar.  This sugar is just getting turned straight into fat stores by your body, unless you are taking the energy drink before a karate tournament, a marathon or a mountain climb.

Although these cans often have a list of all of the vitamins, minerals and whatever other magical powers they claim to possess, they neglect to mention the serious side effects.

In the link above, aspartame, the main artificial sweetener used by Coke and energy drink companies has almost 100% been independently tested to be carcinogenic (cancer causing).

If that ain’t bad for you, then what is?



Austin - Wrestling defined.

Probably one of the biggest names in the fighting / entertainment business, Stone Cold Steve Austin has made public his thoughts on energy drinks in his book, The Stone Cold Truth.

Austin suffered several bad injuries he attributes to energy drinks, and sometimes the lack of them giving him anxiety attacks and panic fits.

Hours before his last wrestling match, Austin collapsed due to a chronic overload from the energy drinks.

His book is a great read, Austin sure knows hard work and it gives you an entirely new view on wrestling exhibitions.



To sum up, I am not going to tell you not to drink ‘em, but if you do, then perhaps think about the right time to drink them.

Before a workout, a long run, early in the day so it doesn’t effect your sleep too much etc.

The best way to get energy is to have it all day long.

Get your sleep, eat well, exercise hard and you will find yourself filled with more energy than ever before.

Our bodies work in a weird and mysterious way, the more we give out, the more we seem to have.

When I was a lowly lazy student (most people will be able to relate this to a time in their life), I would sleep all day.

Create your own energy

1pm sleep ins were par for the course.

I didn’t work out, I drank the energy drinks and ate what I wanted, but I NEVER had any energy or motivation.

Now I am up before 5am every single morning, I workout like a dog, I write, I get time for my hobbies, I work, I box / martial arts and I have more energy than ever before.

Go figure.




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