The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Without Pills

Your Dr is a liar.

Stuffing yourself with diet pills is the worst thing you can do to lose weight.

Weight loss pills will actually make you fatter - read on for proof

There are many things that are bad for weight loss:

  • Eating fast food
  • Lying on the couch all day
  • 3 helpings of dessert
  • Entire meals consisting of Coke and Chocolate

But taking weight loss pills is setting yourself up for sabotage.

Not only are these pills full of chemicals, synthetic compounds and other artificial crap that would make your mind spin, but they also contain appetite suppressors.

On the surface you may think “Oh great, something that makes me not want to eat”, in fact, you may be rejoicing and claiming there is a God after all, but let me explain the truth about appetite suppressors:

1.Increased Nibbling and Snacking

When your appetite is suppressed, you often only nibble and won’t eat a whole meal, this will cause you to nibble on things that take very little preparation such as noodles, pies, sugary treats and cereals, and other foods that pad your hips and keep your six pack hidden.


2. Metabolism Bass Jumping

After a few days of eating stuff all food, your metabolism drops, actually, it dives head first. When this happens your body enters “Survival Mode”. When your body does this your body thinks “Oh crap there is a famine, I might not get fed for a while”, so it holds onto every last bit of fat, water and actually starts eating your own muscle for fuel!

That is why some people who eat hardly anything still don’t have six pack abs, or at least a nice flat stomach, because their body is eating their own muscle (which gives you a sexy toned look), and leaving in tact all the water and fat that makes you look bloated and gives you a cellulite butt look.


3. Addictive & Negative After Burn

When you experience a little weight loss at the start (which is just your body getting rid of water weight), you may be fooled into thinking the pills are working, which is understandable. However once you see your results plateau, you will likely self-medicate and increase dosage.

This will cause you to eat even less, further enter starvation mode and seriously compromise the good health of your body, so what happens if you stop taking them?

Well, a couple of things, but this one thing is the worst offender:

First, you are all of a sudden ravenously hungry, so you eat like a T-Rex who has been locked in a room full of potatoes for a week. This will cause you to put on a HUGE amount of fat in a short time because your metabolism is so low that your body can’t process the food efficiently enough to use it for energy, so it stores it for later (as fat).

Your body will take some time to get used to the amount of food you are eating, and this will continue to see your body weight increase for some time, until your metabolism kicks back in. You can try to get back on these pills, but even medical experts say that suppressors only suppress your appetite for a few weeks at best.

If you are wanting The Easiest Way to Lose Weight – WITHOUT the use of dangerous pills, here are a few steps to take:

1. Eat 4-6 smaller meals per day

This alone will fire up your metabolism to burn calories faster than ever before for several reasons such as:

  • Your body knows it will get fed routinely throughout the day so it puts the nutrients to use to rebuild cells, build muscle and repair any injuries quickly.
  • There is no “fat storing” being done. When your body knows it will get fed at least 4 times a day it never stores food as fat, it sucks all of the minerals, vitamins and enzymes from the food and discards the rest as waste to be excreted.


2. Incorporate daily exercise

This will skyrocket your metabolism when used alongside eating smaller meals at least 4 times a day. When you exercise you burn calories, but if your body is already burning plenty from eating 4+ smaller meals per day, you are getting more than twice the bang for your buck.

Weight lifting, body weight workouts, cardio and HIIT are all examples of exercise that can be done. Every little bit of exercise you do burns calories, so if you have a spare 5 minutes every day, pumping out as many press ups as you can will help you toward your goal.

3. Only eat foods with ONE ingredient

This is a golden rule of losing body fat AND building muscle.

Chicken, carrots, apples, rice, eggs, tuna all have one thing in common – they are just a single ingredient. They are also natural and are made up of so many vitamins, nutrients, minerals, enzymes and powerful natural sources of energy that your body will respond in kind by detoxifying (losing body fat).


If you are going to lose weight without pills, this is the way to do it.

The feeling of weight loss when on pills = not fun, or effective

Diet pills are another scam that has managed to infiltrate it’s way even past “rigorous” tests set by governments, FDAs, and other authoritative medical organizations.

The sooner you realize there is no miracle cure, the faster your results and goals for fat loss, six pack abs and creating a lean sexy body will be achieved.



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