How To Make Your Own Workout Routine – For Any Goal

I don’t steal people’s clothing style, but I sometimes think “Damn that looks cool”, and so I poach a little style tip from someone else.

Different guitars for different styles = different workouts for different goals

I don’t listen to the same music as one single person, my interests are so wide because I have been introduced to new music by so many different people.

My workouts also look nothing like the average one, because it isn’t average.

It suits me, and helps me move further toward my goal.

Remember this when you are asking people on some forum “Oh man you are so ripped what diet and exercise did you use?”.

Sure, take little bits and pieces from different people, but following one set plan from one set person is a sure recipe for disaster.

Chances are if you are looking for a workout routine, then you are a beginner.

Anybody who has been pumping iron and losing body fat for a while will on the odd occasion need some new exercises, but most likely they will just design their own workouts.

I say that it is a recipe for disaster because I have found this out myself – the hard way, as per usual.

Thinking I was above certain laws of the human body, I embarked on a workout routine/diet in my favorite book on the subject of “bodybuilding” called Sliced by Negrita Jayde.

I always reference this book a), because it sits on my desk beside my computer, and b) because it is the best book that has given me the best results.

I only really followed her diet and workout basically, but I was putting in a LOT of work – am, weights then cardio then every night more cardio for 1.5 hours at boxing.

I will be cutting down this a bit, because at the moment it is too much for me after going through a bit of a lazy period. I didn’t use it so I lost it.



I overexerted myself doing too much exercise and too little nutrition that I began to get sick, weak and eventually decided to take a couple of days off – after which I returned to my normal energetic self.

As most people will know, you can’t just jump into the gym and follow a workout plan that Arnold Schwarzenegger would have followed – it is too much for the average turkey.

Same with a guitar session with Dimebag Darrell, you just couldn’t keep up with him for hours on end unless you were a very devoted musician who had put thousands of hours into practicing and playing.


So boiling it all down now, you have to know what your goal is, how fast you want to achieve it, how much time you have, how much you are willing to sacrifice to achieving it etc.

If you are wanting to lose a little body fat in the next few months, simply changing a few foods you eat and doing cardio 3 times a week for half an hour will help you slowly achieve that goal.


Weights are not just for muscle building, but fat loss and sports training too

If you decide that you are going to compete in a bodybuilding contest and you have a major epiphany, you will likely want to create a different routine.

Here are some guidelines to help you make your own workout routine:


1.Decide on a definite goal you want

  • If you are after muscle mass – realize it takes some time to build and you can not do it in a major hurry
  • If you are after fat loss, this can be done in a hurry


2. Decide on a time frame

  • Obviously a bigger goal will require a longer time frame
  • A time frame sets you up for either failure or success – not the age old “I just didn’t try”


3. Create your workout routine

  • If you are wanting to gain muscle mass, look at yourself in the mirror. What areas need attention most? Work that area with a lot more intensity and longer and harder than other areas, and more often, but not so often you are overtraining.
  • If you are wanting fat loss, your time frame will decide how much work you have to do. If you are wanting faster fat loss, the most simple way is to do more cardio and eat less.


There is nothing hard to it at all.

If you are wanting to build strength, simply perform big compound moves with ridiculously heavy weights.

The MAIN thing is to have a picture in your mind of what you want to look like, so that you can create a plan that will get you there.

Someone once said “If you don’t know where you are going, you will certainly never get there”.

I have found that to be true in everything I have ever done, so set the goal and stop ya bitchin!

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