Free Ab Machines – No Trial Offer, Just Free.

There is not much better you can do than FREE!!!!

Okay, I lie.

I literally can’t stand things that are free because most of the time they are absolute crap, plus they are just advertisements for crummy products that aren’t really worth anything.

I don't understand how this works - it looks like a BDSM sex toy

However – look at the free things you have received so far in life:

  • Your body
  • Your brain
  • Your family (controversial)
  • Food, shelter and education for your first 16 years
  • Health (some people are constantly sick, and they wonder why)
  • Friends (some people pay for these, that is optional)
  • And plain old you, you were free. Well, maybe your dad had to pay $20 for a steak and chips meal and a bottle of Vino. But technically you didn’t pay anything to be born in any way shape or form.

I would go as far to say that life (or God, Buddha or whatever you believe in) has given us the most precious things, by far, for absolutely nothing.

We didn’t have to labor hard for them and dig potatoes, nor did we have to open up rusty wallets to pay in fiat currency, we just got them – for absolutely nothing.

Everything you have that you pay money for can be replaced – to a degree.

Everything that is worth money, is absolutely worthless if you are dead, or if you don’t have your brain, health, friends and family.

Marketers and corporate advertising giants have distorted the work free so far beyond recognition that every time we hear it, we scream “SCAM SCAM” and run for the hills.

However, let me show you something I have discovered – and it sure isn’t a secret, but it is widely known:

In your house, there are more free ab machines than you could possibly imagine.

Instead of sitting there drooling over the sexy girl on television and how nice her body is, instead of automatically dialing that free 1800 number and ordering whatever odd looking contraption she is selling, think about what it does for you.

HERE is a free ab machine - will get results faster than a sucker buys an infomercial product

An ab machine is a piece of equipment that works out your ab muscles – nothing else.

They may claim that it works a whole raft of other muscles – but this is just bluff. Otherwise they would call them “every muscle working machines” instead of ab machines.

These machines target the abs – which are just a small percent of muscle on the body.

What these infomercials and other ads don’t tell you is that if you burnt off most of your body fat, your abs would look just about as good as someone who has trained them for their whole life.

Sometimes people who have virtually no ab training have awesome abs, they can be ripped and look really shredded, unlike the massive block like abs on a heavyweight fighter (if you can see his abs), or a huge bodybuilder.

Here are a selection of absolutely free ab machines you can use around your own home – no charge to you and my personal satisfaction guarantee, because if you don’t like the results you get, you must not have gotten off that seat yet.

1. Carpet

Okay, I am excluding some people here.


Now, if you look carefully we can all find some ground somewhere, just as long as it isn’t under water, any ground will do.

Now, here is something that NO other fitness guy or infomercial bluff bag will tell you – the best ab exercises come from workouts on the ground, or with a chin up bar or dip bars.

Don’t believe me?


Go to any single website where they actually try to help you, not some piece of crap website with a whole lot of advertisements and acai berry propaganda.

They will all say exactly the same.

Here are some ab exercises you can do with ground (or carpet for you folk up on the hill):

  • Crunches
  • Sit ups
  • Ab Scissors
  • Ab twists
  • Bicycle crunch (a personal fav)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Leg raises

This alone will leave you with a wicked six pack, AFTER you have burnt the body fat that covers it up.


2. Chin up bar (or anything you can hold onto and hang from like a roof support beam):

  • Hanging leg raises (adanced)
  • Hanging knee raises

These are some of the hardest ab exercises to do, and trust me, you will feel the burn BIG TIME in the morning.


3. Dip bars (or anything you can put your hands on and hold yourself there such as the corner section of a kitchen bench)

  • Captains chair crunch

This exercise is a killer ab workout and is just about as effective as hanging raises.


So don’t go and waste your hard earned cash chasing a pipe dream of six pack abs instead of feeding your children, because they are the biggest heap of junk.

If you are truly worried about missing out on what an ab machine might get you, pop over to your neighbors house – the chances are good they have one.

Then ask them to lift their shirt and see if they have abs.

Put your guard up as the pot belly that tumbles out may knock you out.





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